Flinders Fury

Welcome to Flinders Fury! If you are interested in frisbee as a form of leisure pastime activity or a serious sport, we are here to provide information and knowhow on various aspects of the activity as well as provide lots of helpful information on how to stay active and keep fit by playing fun outdoor pursuits such as this.

The Frisbee year continues and I hope you are all excited! Please allow me to fuel the fire...

Flinders Fury was originally represented in the plaza at main campus, Flinders University as part of the big event in Frisbee competition. While that side of things may be well in the past, the future of the sport is still as exciting and as much fun as ever.

How to Stay Active and Fit

It may or may not surprise you to learn that Frisbee is a great way for healthy people to stay active and fit while having a great deal of fun with a friend or some friends. It gets you outdoors and into the fresh air and sunshine (or at least natural daylight even if its a little cloudy) which is a great way to boost your mood as well as your energy levels while increasing health and fitness as you enjoy yourself!

Of course, you don't have to play Frisbee to get major health benefits from spending time outdoors and being active. But when it comes to maximizing all aspects of vitality, motivation, nutrition and action its a great way to start. If you're not used to playing sports or running around, you should start slowly by doing something that is not so energetic so as not to give your body a shock. In time you can gradually build up the amount of activities you do each day until your stamina levels have increased and you have become more used to being more active!

Frisbee and Weight Management

It may surprise you to discover that playing Frisbee with some friends can be an excellent way of keeping your body weight manageable. This is especially important when you start to get older and you need to remain active in order to burn off the energy you are getting through your diet. Its quite common to reach middle age and notice that your waistline has spread somewhat from its original size and this happens a lot to people who have spend many years working where they are not active throughout the day, such as with a desk job or driving a cab or a bus for instance. Its normal to go looking for some quick weight loss tips to try and reverse the middle age spread but its not common to even think about the humble yet so effective Frisbee to come to the rescue!

Just spending an hour or so every evening throwing a Frisbee around between friends (or your dog) in the park or in your back yard (if its large enough) can provide you with a great form of fun activity that really burns off that excess energy! It truly is a form of natural weight loss genius! It hardly seems like exercise, yet it is far more effective than you may realize.

The bottom line is to enjoy yourself. Playing Frisbee is certainly a great way to do just that!

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